The organization of Nova.org relies on groups of responsibility. Each group has at a minimum a Primary and a Secondary individual responsible for the issues within each group. The Primary is responsible for the organization of the group, deciding what projects need to be completed, and is the first person contacted when something is amok.


The groups are documented by what they are responsible for, then by order of responsibility. Anyone at or past #3 is considered a backup and would be contacted only if the Primary and Secondary were unavailable or unresponsive.

You can click on a header to view group specific documentation.

Group Members are labeled like this:

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary
  3. Backup


Responsible for IMAP, POP, SSL/TLS, Spam filtering and SpamAssassin, the mail.nova.org server, and some other stuff.

Mail Crew Home || mail-crew_nova.org


Maintains the Wiki, makes sure people document changes to systems.

Document Crew Home || doc-crew_nova.org


Maintains DNS and is responsible for all IP Space and IP distribution.

DNS Crew Home || dns-crew_nova.org


Monitors and restricts bandwidth, upgrades network hardware, maintains and monitors routers, calls the service providers when stuff breaks.

Network Crew Home || network-crew_nova.org


Responsible for monitoring physical access to the Datacenter, adding or removing hardware, doing inventory, monitoring and providing clean power and UPS services, cooling, cabling, installation of new lines, and more!

Datacenter Crew Home || datacenter-crew_nova.org


Provides monitoring, notification and escallation of outages to all groups. This includes environmental (Datacenter), network, servers, disks and anything else that can be monitored.

Monitoring Crew Home || monitor-crew_nova.org


Give Nova.org a safety net. Provides backups for all core systems, switch/router configs, etc.

Monitoring Crew Home || monitor-crew_nova.org


Responsible for all web servers, services, languages, patches, security and everything else surrounding providing web services to the public Internet. Also responsible for members.nova.org.

Web Crew Home || web-crew_nova.org


FCAC provides and is planning to provide audio and video streams to both Fairfax County residents as well as the entire world. This group is responsible for making sure those streams/servers are up and running, and making sure they are playing nice with the rest of the coop and its bandwidth.

A/V Crew Home || av-crew_nova.org


We still provide Dial-up services to our members. Get DSL or Cable people! This group makes sure when they dial it rings and our Bay 8000 picks up.


Dial Crew Home || dial-crew_nova.org


Liason to FCAC. Basically make sure FCAC knows what they need to about Nova.org operations, changes, etc, and vice-versa.

No Crew Home || No Email List

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