Vendor Point of Contact Information

Internet Providers

Cox Communications Contact Info
In August 2006, we signed a contract with Cox for 10Mbps fiber optic connectivity. It should be installed in December 2006.

CavTel Contact Information 2 x 4.6Mbps G.HDSL links, to be disconnected in Dec 2006, when Cox is installed.

XO Points of Contact T-1, to be disconnected September 15, 2006

Internet Service Providers

GKG Domain Registrar
GKG is our domain registrar for,, and many of our customers. They have a web based interface for managing most issues.

GoDaddy SSL Registrar
In September of 2006, we built a new mail box. We needed https, IMAPSSL and POPSSL certs. We got new certs from GoDaddy.

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