General Email Configuration Information


POP and IMAP are both protocols for accessing your mail from Nova.Org. The most significant difference is that POP is typically used to download messages to your comupter and remove them from the Nova.Org server. It’s more commonly used by our customers. IMAP leaves the messages on the server which can be convenient if you want to access your mail from multiple locations (like at home, AND when using WebMail) but since you’re using disk space on the server, you may run into quota limitations.

  • POP/IMAP Mail Server:
    • POP TLS/SSL: Port 995
    • IMAP TLS/SSL: Port 993
  • Outgoing Mail Server:
    • Port 25, 1025 or 10025
      • You can use port 25, port 1025, or port 10025 for your SMTP server. This sometimes helps get around ISPs who block outbound port 25 (which they should to prevent zombied hosts from sending spam). We would normally use the standard AUTH SMTP port 587, but we don’t right now.


Support for logging into your mail account over an ecrypted channel is available via TLS/SSL. This helps protect your password from prying eyes on the network.

  • You MUST use TLS/SSL for POP
  • You MUST use TLS/SSL for IMAP
  • You MUST use TLS/SSL for SMTP
  • You MUST authenticate to send mail


Webmail Server:

Goto and login using your name and password. Be assured that the interface is secure via SSL.

This is the interface to reading the contents of your mail spool via the web. We also now have the ability to save email into folders, should you so choose to do so. Any mail you save on the server in a folder counts against the running quota.


A limit of 20MB per user allowed. We currently are not preventing anyone from going over 20MB. We reserve the right to change this in the future if there is too much abuse.

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