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Tillie Clement & Bill Day

Courier Post Article 4/24/01

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This morning, March 17, 1976 we are recording Bill Day, popular writer of a column in the [Haddon] Gazette called "Days of Yore", and a native of Haddonfield. [Tillie Clement]
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This website is based on the transcript and audio tape of a recording session by Tillie Clement of Bill Day for the Haddonfield Public Library.   In October, my Mom, Jean Day, furnished three binders with additional material and a newer copy of the taped interview made by Doug Rauschenberger, Haddonfield Public Library.  The italicized links have mp3 clips attached to the story.  The first fourteen clips have good audio, the next have fair audio (the conversion service did manage to back out the worst problems -- audio tape is not an archival medium!)

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